About Double Oak Farm and Our Mission

Tree Farm Columbus

Double Oak Farm believes in bringing the community produce and goods directly to the customer's front door. You can find our vegetables and fruits including oranges, apples, grapes, broccoli, green beans, lettuce, okra, corn, grass fed cow's milk, and free range chicken eggs at the local farmers market every Saturday and Sunday. Just like most local gardens, we only grown seasonal items. So, keep checking back through our produce year round for fresh, delicious, and nutritious food options.

Our tree farm, which has been a family owned farm for over 100 years, sells trees and plants online. Oak trees, pond plants, groundcover plants, beautiful blooming flowers are some of our favorites. Browse our large selection of plants, scrubs, and trees year round.

Independent farming is made possible with funding from a hobby farm loan from AgriLender. Thanks to small farm loans our local farm is the place to buy your produce, plants, and trees..