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March 4, 2012: It's Spring 2012 and we are digging into a prosperous year! Our green thumbed farmers at Double Oak Farm are excited to announce that this year's harvest is one of the best. So hopefully everyone who wanted to sign up for our 'Community Supported Agriculture' program was able to. When we have a great year so do all of our local investors! Come by this weekend to get an up close and personal look at our upcoming harvest.

February 24, 2012: Everyone grab your shovels and gardening gloves. We are having a gardening party complete with one on one gardening secrets and instructions that only farmer's know! For 5 bucks and an hour of time, learn about your local farming history and best plants, trees, herbs, and produce to plant in the local soil.

February 12, 2012: Valentine's Day is days away. We have flower bouquets and gardening baskets that your love will love! Give us a call or contact us here for more information. If you know your Valentine's favorite fruits, vegetables, and/or flowers, just let us know and we can have a fully customizable farm package free of charge!

January 30, 2012: Brr.. it's cold outside but there are seasonal winter vegetables and fruits ideal for your next dinner. Root vegetables and leafy greens are in abudant supply. Super fresh greens! We have organic Spaghetti Squash, Kale, Spinach, Turnips, Pumpkins, Leeks, Lettuce, Carrots, Cauliflower, Celery, Chard, Chicory, Onions, Broccoli, Artichokes, and Cabbage. Yummy fruits are also available from Double Oak Farm. Fresh this season we have walnuts, melons, oranges, pears, pomegranates, chestnuts, apples, and almonds. Get healthy with fresh and organic foods!

January 3, 2012: It's a new year, and that means a new list of vices to change. The best and fastest way to a healthy heart and mind is changing what you put in your mouth. Indulging in fresh fruits and vegetables can improve your energy, sleep, and happiness. So, contact us for a complete list of products and we can help you jump start your new life!

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